Yii's CActiveRecord::errorSummary() "dummy" in Google SERPS

Take a look at the following question from StackOverflow (I can’t post a link since I’m a new member, so I have to copy/paste it):

We’re doing form validation with Yii’s



This method creates a UL in a hidden DIV, with one element containing the text "dummy":


Unfortunately, Google is showing that "dummy" text in the description for our page in the search results!

I’d rather not alter the core Yii code to get rid of that. But I also can’t find any way to tell Google not to display that.

I can understand that Google would index hidden text on a page, but to actually display it in the page description in the search results is very unfortunate.


could be that you dont have the description meta tag… so google gets the first text it finds…

Why does Yii not use something like "&nbsp;" instead of dummy?