Yiirisma :amazing Free Preconfigured Admin Template

I just found this free template Yiirismamade from Charisma. Demo.

It is licensed under Apache License v2.0

I hope this template will save your time and money. enjoy.


Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing. Do you have a documentation / sample tutorial for beginner to get started with this template?

amazing broo

It did not work. There is some problems. I try to find out what it problem. So i found the problems. There is no mistake, just some forgotten and git repository mistakes.

There is two folders should be created, but git repository does not accept empty folders. So we should create folders and give permissions to these folders.

1 - ) Created assets folder in source files ( it is an empty, but yii look up assets folder and throws exception )

2 - ) Created runtime folder in protected folder ( protected/runtime ). It look up the runtime folder and throws exception.

3 - ) Changed the yii framework base folder location in Index.php. So you can change where yii framework is located.

4 - ) The "bootstrap-spacelab.css" is forgotten to add . So add the css file location in the head.php file.

*NOTE : Dont forget to change permission on mac and linux os.

do you need any specific yii version for this or something? i can’t get it to work for the life of me.

dosen’t give any errors or anything, just blank pages even if i access inexistent controllers.