Hi folks.

I was modify the PHPReport class and create this Yii extension.

With this extension is easy use a excel file as template, set data via array, end export the result as an excel file, html or pdf.





Original class:


Awesome !!

It is what I need.

Thanks a lot for sharing

Nice work in bringing PHPReport to yii!

I have problems with large numbers like imeis or bank account numbers to be presented in excel file.

My template has a cell formated as text but when i try to introduce an imei number, excel it converts it to number and so it rounds it or it represents in general format.

I tried to use ‘format’ for the ‘data’ but without success.

The only i need is to put this imei as text in the cell instead of a number.

I read it about and this is a PHPexcel problem and all the gurus sugest to do:

->setValueExplicit(‘1234567890123456’, PHPExcel_Cell_DataType::TYPE_STRING);

But i do not know how to do it inside yiireport.

Another solution is to put a excel formula like:


but i do not know how to do it inside yiireport either.

Please, can you help me