Yiireport Installing Problems


I’m new to Yii and its cool !

I have some trouble to install yiireport :

One of requirement was to install PHPExcel 1.7.8 - there the trouble begins :

I tried the how-to-use-phpexcel-external-library-with-yii post in Yii wiki and it did not work

Then I found an article at mrsoundless (sorry I can’t insert links) and I got it work.

Now I come back to yiireport installation, I installed YiiExcel - it works

But when I finished yiireport install and tested it I get the following error :

It seems to me that the way I installed PHPExcel is not correct - I read many posts about this with often

contradictory or confusing indications (extensions, vendors, vendors in extensions, autoload conflicts)

Would be nice if someone could help me to find the way to make Yiireport work !

Any clue? any idea?

thanks in advance


Hi Dude,

You need to install yiiexcel


I fixed the same problem and by following the instructions in the above url…

Hope this will fix Urs!!!