Yiinitializr is a project template generator for the Yii Framework to help you JUMPSTART any new project. It generates clean customizable boilerplate templates that are just what you need to begin your project off right and with the extensions that you need to accelerate your setup and launch time to the max!

Check it out here: http://yiinitializr.2amigos.us

Good feedback always welcome!

Hi Tony and grats on the great work. Saw the Yiinitializr Twitter page and thought that it would be cool to have a Facebook page too. :rolleyes: Good luck.


Where can I found the documentations? ( I need details about the Yiinitializr)

  1. How can I use the Gii? ( http://localhost/myapp/index.php?r=gii - but it doesn’t work )

  2. How can I enable the sites?

    I tried use the LoginFrom.php in the models (from YiiBoilerplate) and the login.php (from YiiBoilerplate), but when I copied to the backend/views/site directory and than tried this link: /backend/www/login.php or /backend/views/login.php, it doesnt work, I can reach this page… I got the ‘Not found’)

  3. How can I create users in my Database? What kind of tables, Controllers etc?

are you already install the dependencies using composer ?

I wonder if someone could help with a problem I’m having installing the dependencies:

php composer.phar install

Runtime ‘assets’ folders creation process finished.

Script Yiinitializr\Composer\Callback::preInstall handling the pre-install-cmd event terminated with an exception


Undefined index: REMOTE_ADDR

this happens whether I run composer locally or globally.

Google tells me that this is occurring because REMOTE_ADDR isn’t available in CLI mode so, assuming it’s not essential I guess I could edit the line that’s calling that variable but I’ve no idea what file to edit… :(

Yes, I used the composer, and I loved it :). I will use the composer for my future webapps. But here I can’t solve my problems.

I’m using Yiinitializr currently for an app and loving it so far. I’ve been working with shared servers and mediatemple DV server. My question is that what extra steps (other than usual yii ones) would I take to deploy my app on a production server? Also what requirements should the server meet cuz I’m confused about multiple “www” directories. Can someone please share an example setup or point me in the right direction?

Guy come on need help here.


I recently came across this great library and I’ve started using it for my application.

It’s very well structured and easy to set up, APART from one problem that I’ve been having; I cannot get the Yii::t() to work properly.

I’ve set my sourceLang to en and my language to dk, within my common/config/main :


    'language' => 'dk',

    'components' => array(




Yii::app()->language prints out dk but each time i try calling f.ex. my User.php message file, within common.messages as:

echo Yii::t('User','username');

It only returns username, i.e. the same string as I indicate in the Yii::t function. But it SHOULD return ‘brugernavn’ as defined within the User.php message file.

This has never been a problem before, in other applications I’ve made with Yii. What am I doing wrong?

I finally managed to fix this. It seems like the message component cannot recognize the ‘common’ alias . This is what i did:


            'class' => 'CPhpMessageSource',

            'basePath'=> dirname(__FILE__) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . '..'. DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR  . 'messages',