Yiinfinite-scroll question

Hi All,

I am using the Yii infinite scroll extension. I have it working and it is loading new pages flawlessly. Is there a way to get it to only show 20 entries at a time.

For example the way it works now is it tacks on a new page at the end of the list when a user scrolls all the way down. I want it to keep the list the same length and just refresh the data when the user scrolls to the bottom.

So if you are on page 1 that has items 1-20 and you scroll past item 20, page 2 (with items 21-41) is loaded but page 1 is now gone. Then if you scrolled back up it would reload the first page.


I am using yii inifinite-scroll-pager its work correctly. when i use ajax update that time render new inifinite-scroll-pager but its not scroll. can any one tell me how to reset inifinite-scroll-pager. thanks.