YiiMongoDbSuite MongoModel Generator Not working


I’m new to both Yii and Mongodb but I’m pretty sure that I have everything setup correctly on my machine. I have both MySQL (via MAMP) and MongoDB running on localhost. I can use the normal Gii methods and generate code but for some reason the MongoModel Generator does not want to work. I have pointed it at an existing table in MySQL, filled out the table name, Model Class, and Mongo Collection Name, but when I click on the Preview button I get the following error:

[color="#FF0000"]Class ‘EMongoDocument’ does not exist or has syntax error.[/color]

I have the following defined in main.php:

'import' => array(

            // ...



        'components' => array(

            // ...

            'mongodb' => array(

                'class'             => 'EMongoDB',

                'connectionString'  => 'mongodb://localhost',

                'dbName'            => 'test',

                'fsyncFlag'         => false,

                'safeFlag'          => false,

                'useCursor'         => false,


            // ...


I have verified that EMongoDocument is indeed located at protected/extensions/YiiMongoDbSuite/EMongoDocument.php. What am I doing wrong? Please help!

Thanks in advance,


Nevermind :) I had an error in my configuration file so the extension wasn’t being imported correctly. Issue resolved!