YiiMailMessage Layout

I know that YiiMailMessage has a property view that defines the layout.So far so good.

Let me ask you:

How to have two views,one master other detail and do like a Yii standard beginContent ??

Do i have to use renderPartial??

Ok.Now i am trying to use with renderPartial but without success.

I have two files on view/mail:





    <?php $this->renderPartial('mail/MailMain'); ?>







and MainMail.php

<div id="header">

        <div id="logo"><a href="/site/index">StyleStore</a></div>




and siteController:

 $message = new YiiMailMessage;

            $message->view = 'PurchaseThank';



SiteController cannot find the requested view "mail/MailMain"

Just a guess, but did you try something like this

<?php $this->renderPartial('/mail/MailMain'); ?>

Some additional thoughts Pathes to views

Yes it works like that but how can i use the same main.css of the aplication?