Yiimailer Instance When Using Cron


I’ve never actually used a cron before so it’s kinda new to me. But I’ve managed to get it to work with Yii.

What I’m setting the cron up for is mailing and I’m using YiiMailer. When I run the cron I get

2013/09/23 02:49:55 [error] [php] include(YiiMailer.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory (C:\xampp\yii14\framework\YiiBase.php:427)

I know what it means, but how do I fix this within a console environment.



Actually you need to give more information. For now look into your config, may be you forget to include pathes in it.

Compare your config/console.php with config/main.php.

Thanks that was it, didn’t load it.