Hello guys,

i’m having a problem with this extension that use the powerfull Swiftmailer.

it’s very powerfull because i can send mails perfectly, but i would detect when an email returns me delivery failure.

looking at the documentation should be easy beacuse it says that i would write this code:

if (!$mailer->send($message, $failures))


  echo "Failures:";



unfortunately the $failures variable is always empty… even though i received many DELIVERY FAILURE on my email.

anyone knows why this happens? as i said, reading the documentation should be easy enough… but it doesn’t work for me…

thanks to everyone.

Then it would probably be a good idea to check what ‘send’ returns.

If it’s ‘DELIVERY_FAILURE’, then check against that in the conditional.

the send function return always 1, insted it shloud return 0 if something goes wrong… i really don’t understand

Please remove the extension and than re-install it again. I hope so you problem will be sort out.