Yiimail extension


I am using the Yiimail extension for sending mail from my application and it works fine. But I was wondering if it is possible to configure it in a way such that it starts the default mail application with all the necessary information i.e. subject, to, from and the body. I can then make any slight modifications I need before sending. I have transferred the body of the mail to a view file before giving the option to the user to send. But it would have been better if the above was possible. Thanks beforehand.


Nobody can help me?


as i know there is no easy way to solve your problem. One obvious way is to use mailto link, but it cannot pass a complex body contents to the mail application. Also every page is running in the sandbox, thus JS-code cannot interact with user’s desktop environment.

Maybe Flash provides needed APIs, but i’m not familiar with it.

Why not just include a WYSIWYG editor for the email body and allow the user to edit it on the webpage, without a need to leave the browser boundaries?

Thanks MadAnd,

That’s what I was thinking to do: I must admit I have never done it and do not exactly have an idea how to proceed yet. I will have to work upon it. I better start doing it :D

Yii will make your work smooth and funny :rolleyes:

Oh yes, it has already. (Should be yiha!! :D ) Thanks for encouraging ;)