yiilite bug

I have a new checkout from trunk, yii.php works fine, yiilite throws an exception because of wrong sql statement syntax…

This is the end of the statement.

… WHERE relation.from='1' HAVING  LIMIT 4

I know this might not be enough, but tell me how i can help to find this bug. There is no group in the statement and thats ok so far.

This is what i do:

$attributes = array('from'=>$id);

$criteria = new CDbCriteria;

$criteria->limit = $limit;

$criteria->offset = $offset;

$relations = Relation::model()->with('friend')->findAllByAttributes($attributes, $criteria);

Do not use yiilite.php from SVN because it may be outdated.

To generate the up-to-date yiilite.php for your SVN copy, you may go to the "build" directory and run "phing sync" command (you need to install phing).

You were right.