Yiilite - Base For Your Startup's

In during of create a new project, usually you need to have a base with a set of standard features such as:

  • auth/registration

  • recovery/change password

  • user profile and possible to edit it

  • Simple role based access control (RBAC) for web-application

  • Admin panel with the ability to manage users

  • E-mail notices

  • Integration with the Bootstrap for a startups

After thought, I decided to create the branch which you can use as base for create a projects using Yii Framework and Bootstrap.

All standard functionality is implemented as modules that are easy to scale for own projects.

I tried to create it the maximum beautiful and comfortable that this code was useful for many developers.

I will be glad to hear your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

The project site with the link to the code on GitHub: yiilite.com

very nice, thanks Serjee … I’ll surely give it a try !