Yiilistview.update Not Working

I have a following CListView:

<?php echo CHtml::beginForm(); ?>

    <table style="width:100%" class="cart-table">

    <tr class="cart-th">...</tr>


        $this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(











And _cartitem view is the following:


    <td> ... </td>




      echo CHtml::ajaxLink(

        CHtml::image('/images/icons/delete.png', 'delete', array('style'=>'width:15px')),

        Yii::app()->createUrl('/site/deleteFromCart',array('product_id'=>$data->product_id, 'ajax'=>'delete')),


            'type' => 'POST',

            'success' => "function(data) {                        




        array( //htmlOptions

            'href' => Yii::app()->createUrl( '/site/deleteFromCart', array('product_id'=>$data->product_id, 'ajax'=>'delete'))        




So, I have a product cart and each product has “delete” button (image). When user clicks on this image, an Ajax call is made to appropriate controler/action (site/deleteFromCart) and given item is deleted from Cart. Afterwards I need to update given listview, but this doesn’t happen.

If I include alert(‘test’) when ‘success’, the text is altered.

Also after refresh (F5) item disappears from listview.

So, it seams that everything is working except listview update.


Noone? Why I cannot update CListView?