Yiigems Beta 2 Version

Hi all,

just released a new beta version of YiiGems extension and looking forward to release it soon. YiiGems provides about 40 widgets to create your web application. It also provides thousands of CSS3 gradients to theme and skin your web applications. These gradients are generated using special algorithms which derives 8 shades of colors from each HTML named color and create gradients from these colors. Read more about it in [url="http://www.yiigems.com"]www.yiigems.com[/url]. 

Latest additions are

  • ChosenField - integrates with JQuery Chosen plugin.

  • DiagonalRibbon - allows you to create a diagonal ribbon like "Fork me on Github".

  • SimpleList- to create styled list of items.

  • TransientMessage- to display a message on your page that stays up for a small period.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and pointed out issues.



Added some more examples for YiiGems dropdown menus - especially showing how to align some menu items to the right and put a search box.

Jupiter Dropdown Menu



Added some examples for YiiGems form based on input groups and a number of new examples:

  • YiiGems Forms

  • Input Group Form Elements

  • Month and Year Picker

  • Dropdown Buttons