Yiiframework website bug.

Wrong rendering in Gecko browsers. See atachment.

Which browser are you using? Did you refresh the page? The page looks fine on FF3 and IE7/8.

Mhmm… same problem here but on latest Google Chrome

works fine for me in Safari 3.2.1 and Opera 10 Alpha and FF 3 all on XP.

Still couldn't see the problem. I tried Chrome and

Make sure you refresh the page.

Sorry, now it works. I've checked on Iceweasel 3, Epiphany 2.14.3 and Konqueror 2.3.9. In all is OK.

I had the same problem (FF3) but a refresh, and everything is bask to normal. Impossible to reproduce.

I think it is due to the cache, since we send aggressive caching headers for static file. We should change the filename as we change the static file contents such that they bust the cache (in the browser and in squid).