Yiiframework.jpg generation

Hi there,

I found a file named Yiiframework.jpg having around 14 MB (biggest JPEG I’ve ever seen in my entire life! :]) on my hardrive, downloaded over three weeks ago therefore I don’t remember from where and for what purpose I’ve downloaded it (I have CAutoMemoryErase behaviour turned on, which deletes entries older than two weeks from my brain-db! :]). It seems to be a complete diagram of Yii Framework structure and I must personally admit that it looks beautiful. Can someone out of Dev Team tell me, what tool was used to draw/generate it? Or maybe someone else on this forum can advice on some handy, free tool for drawing nice looking diagrams / algorithm?

edit: I am not one of the dev team but I think they used visual paradigm


cool man! very awesome…

the maps of yii. i think this must be added in download section ;D

Thank you guys, for all your feedback. yEd seems very interesting and most important - it’s free! :]

There is updated class diagram for 1.1.2: http://caveman.ru/yii.1.1.2r2135.png

Completely off-topic and just to feed my curiosity! ;]

How did you manage to create such a large JPEG file? :] Fourteen megabytes - the biggest in my entire life, as I mentioned. I saved it down to my HDD, opened in IrfanView and saved again under the same name. Even with 100% quality (never used in JPEGs) I got around 10 MB, that is four less (40% down). With 77% quality I got down to around 7 MB, half the original size.

I’ve seen bigger files, when talking about dimensions (around 10k pixels times 7k pixels in NASA weather maps and stars maps) and they were much smaller (a few MB) even if they were containing photos or complex graphics. This is very simple, vector graphics and shouldn’t occupy that vast amount. Even for an updates version, which is far bigger in dimensions, when saved in PNG, it has only 3,7 MB.

But, again - I’m asking completely off-topic and just to feed my curiosity! ;]

That wasn’t me who generated it so I can’t tell why it’s so large.

It was just for fun. Don’t take it too personally, please! :]

btw., there is a good Yahoo service you can use to further optimize images: http://www.smushit.com/ysmush.it/

Thanks, samdark, but I truly prefer IrfanView. Not only because I think this is the best viewer, but I also have known it’s author for years, so this is some kind of personal.