YiiConf Indonesia 2017

August 26, 2017 YiiConf Indonesia will be held at Jakarta.

Venue is Mozilla Community Space, Gedung Tifa, Annex Suite JI. Kuningan Barat I No. 26, Mampang Prapatan, South of Jakarta.

Conference will open at 15:30 and finish at 19:00. There are four talks planned:

  • "Managing queue job" by Agung Andika, software engineer from Jakarta Propertindo.

  • "Develop SPA use ExtJS + Yii 2" by Khofidin, Yii enthusiast from Wellard Indonesia.

  • "Yii 2 Advanced" by Petra Novandi Barus, CTO of urbanindo.com.

  • "Extend code generator" by Fredy Nurman Saleh, IT / Analyst and Yii 2 from Biro Klasifikasi Ind. Semarang.

Contact Persons:

  • Peter J Kambey (peter@yiiframework.id)

  • Hafid Mukhlasin (hafid@yiiframework.id)