Yiicart Development

Another shopping cart?

A little history:

Sometime ago my development team was given the task to implement a very specific shopping cart for an X company. We gave ourselves the task of search for a good, customizable and open-source shopping cart.

We found a good shopping cart, open-cart, but customization was an issue. Also, we weren’t thrilled by it’s core development.

After some more research on the subject, and me being a Yii-Fan ;), we decided to create a shopping cart based on open, but from scratch using Yii Framework, that would be easily customizable and we could use in future projects.

We did so, but never completed the full version, it was just a minimum version, with base system and some modules. After that we just forked the project and went after the client specifications.

Introducing YiiCart:

I managed to save some of the code from the original system, adapted it, and named it YiiCart. Yet, i really don’t have the time to finish it alone and would like to ask for you help. I think it could be a great exercise for all Yii enthusiasts, and a good contribution to the community.

How can you help?

There’s plenty to do, you can contribute with code, documentation, reporting bugs…


Hi, damnpoet,

That’s very greate project. I think I will contribute some code for this shopping cart.

good day

what the backend is not running well ?

@小马虾 thanks, i think so. :) and any contributions will be greatly appreciated

@zabaleta10 back-end should work fine, test user&password are admin&123 respectively. What kind of problems are you having?

YiiCart now has an installation module, to make preview even easier ;) please check README.md file for details.

fix the following errors during installation

chmod 0777 assets/

chmod 0777 protected/runtime/

There is no class WebUser, use WebCustomer instead


$imagesPath = Yii::getPathOfAlias('webroot.image');

$imagesDataPath = Yii::getPathOfAlias('webroot.image.data');

chmod 0777 image/data

create a database

high potential

my problem i can’t login.

i will try your update…thanks dude your project is cool

i had some problems with the update,i’m still cant login in admin and in asset

there is a problem when I would import the sql file that has been provided, the fault lies in the dumping table user

@zabaleta10 yo need to use the install interface provided. Sql dump is modified to be used by it. Check the README.md for further reference.

i have problems same with zabaleta10


 } elseif ($mime == 'image/jpeg') {

36             return imagecreatefromjpeg($image);

37         }

38     }


40     public function save($file, $quality = 90) {

41         $info = pathinfo($file);


43         $extension = strtolower($info['extension']);


45         if (is_resource($this->image)) {

46             if ($extension == 'jpeg' || $extension == 'jpg') {

47                 imagejpeg($this->image, $file, $quality);

48             } elseif ($extension == 'png') {

49                 imagepng($this->image, $file);

50             } elseif ($extension == 'gif') {

51                 imagegif($this->image, $file);

52             }


54             imagedestroy($this->image);

55         }

56     }


58     /**

59      *

Hi, I had the same problem while trying this project, to solve I had to copy the “image” folder in the “assets” folder and renamed “image” into “cache”, probably (or for sure :P) there is a problem in the caching system. Hi damnpoet! I’m very excited for this project and for the idea to have opencart as a “base”, I think that I’ll try to develop some feature, did you find other people that will help you to finish this project? Sorry for my bad english :D

Cool thing you have started mate, I’d like to help out with this… checking it out now…

Hello, and thank you all for your interest on this project. I’m happy to announce that because of some messages and help i have received i’m going forward with this project. Very soon i will be posting the official page for the project and resume work on it.

Everyone who is willing to help is most welcome.



Hello a site for the project has been posted here:


As always any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all,


Hi Rich, thanks for the nice contribution. I’m ready with the integration of Blueimp Bootstrap Image Gallery (https://github.com/blueimp/Bootstrap-Image-Gallery) and will make a push request soon. Just have to polish up some things.