Yiicache Already Exists

Im using an crypted CMS so im not able to even view the source code. In this CMS there is a vote function for users to get some free Shop Coins (this is the point where they should get the coins. But they dont get any). When they press the "Go to vote page" button they get this error:

CDbException CDbCommand konnte das SQL-Statement nicht ausführen: CDbCommand konnte das SQL-Statement nicht vorbereiten: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 table YiiCache already exists 


CDbException CDbCommand wasn't able execute the SQL-statement: CDbCommand wasn't able to prepare the SQL-statement: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 table YiiCache already exists 

Im using apache on FreeBSD

I cant tell you the version of Yii Framework because like i said the CMS is crypted :confused:

If there are possibilities to get more information by using php I can use the plugin function of the cms to "inject" my own code and get output

Sorry for my bad english and thank you for reading :)

You can delete cache table and the problem will be solved… at least for a while.

Are you using Sqlite?

I remember there were some troubles with sqlite file.

Like i said i cant see the sourcecode so i dont know if its sqllite

$selectItem = $mysqlConnect->dbquery("SELECT * FROM homepage.is_items WHERE kategorie_id = ".$cat." ORDER BY `vnum`");

This is what a mysql query looks like in a plugin.

And where can i find the cache table?

So connection params are also crypted?

Do you have shell access to the server?

Yup everythings crypted :confused:

I have shell and FTP access

Sorry I was inattentive. So $mysqlConnect, right?

I’m afraid you have to investigate where the db config is stored and connect to mysql server using these values.

Or try to contact these guys who has crypted your code. Do they have helpdesk or something?