yiic webapp with database

I would like to create a new webapp like this:

yiic webapp ../websites/test

>>with database? [YES][NO]

>>type [MYSQL] [SQLITE]




>>create project? [YES][NO]

now in config/main.php we have a properly configuered db-component

It would be definitely a great enhancement if creating a new webapp were done via GUI.

In this way it’d be overly complicated. I rather write this half line in my text editor.

I would apreciate this feature. I often forget to configure my database :P

Besides, it would be more friendly to new users

I always forget the correct syntax of the PDO-connection string, currently I need to lookup in a previous project to copy/paste :lol:

but I think I can handle it with a code snippet in my editor

Great idea, thanks for the tip. :)

How to do that?

Depends on your editor, maybe it’s not even supported.

In NetBeans, select Tools > Options > Editor > Code Templates.