yiic shell doesnt work anymore


I used yiic to generate a new webapp, then controllers, models, and crud and all work fine.

Then i have created a new module and moved some views and controllers to this new module.

And now i can´t use yiic command line tool anymore.

I type like before "yiic shell" where my index.php script is located and it doesnt work and shows me no error.

Any suggestion?

i think you first must check the files you moved.

once your webapp is working fine, then you can use yiic again.


israel, my app is working fine. i just cant use the yiic command line

well i know now whats happened.

I’ve created an alias in my .bashrc using yiic that was in a directory and my project was using the same yii library version but placed under the project directory and wasn’t working.

Then i used the yiic from the same library used in the project and worked fine.

Both was the same yii version… weird!