Yiic shell doesn't start.


I'm testing yiic, and I use yiic shell without problem (I'm under Windows XP). But now I use yiic shell command and don't happen nothing.

I tested where is the file and the line where is the problem and it is the result:

In the file "cli\commands\ShellCommand.php" the following lines has the error.





If I put an echo after ob_start(), the echo is shown, but if I put an echo after "ob_start();

require($entryScript);" the echo doesn't show and the following lines of code aren't executed by the script.

I can use the web app via browser, my conf is ok… there is some way to debug and show why the script is not running well??

Thank so much ;)

This should be caused by some problem in your Web application when running it in command line (via the require statement).

Please comment out ob_end_clean() and see what is the error.

Thanks for the reply!

I can't see anything. I do the following:


echo "hi";


echo "bye";


And the output is only "hi"… there is someway to trace de code and see where is the error.


Ok, I found the problem.

In the SiteController.php I've the following access rules:


public function accessRules()


    return array(







My app requires to be logged to use it. If I delete de access restiction, the "yiic shell" command goes well.

Sorry to bring this topic back up.

I have this problem too.

Basically, it is cause by the app redirecting to the login page and thus terminating the current request (in this case, shell)

So am I to understand if I want to enable my app to be only accessible to authenticated users (aka, when they go to the site index (home page), if they are not login, they will be redirected to the login page), I am unable to use the yiic shell command in cli anymore?