Yiic Shel does not work!

Hi guys, new guy here.

So I just downloaded Yiu a few days ago and I have the Agile Web app book. I just created a new webapp and now I’m trying to access the Shell to create a Controller.

Here the thing, the Shell doesn’t show, when I write protected/yiic shell it inmediatly disaplys like hundred lines of errors. Is killing me, I don’t know what is going on!

I can not add an image because it’s my first post (what’s up with that ????)

Thanks in advance.

What about copying the error text so we can see it? :)

I just attached an image in the reply :)

Hi Jose,

I’m no expert either, but it looks like a failure to execute the php. Is there a possibility that you have to do something special to launch it as a command in windows?

Guess on windows you need to run yiic.bat instead of yiic

Hey guys,

I solved the problem. For a strange it was having a problem with Date() php method. Do not ask my why because I don’t know lo. The only thing I know is that I erase that part of the code from the index.php and it now works haha

So yeah dhimes you were right, it was an error executing a php file.

Thanks for the replies anyway.

HI guys you can also run your yiic like this

C:\>wamp\bin\php\php3.5.8  C:\wamp\www\yii\framework\ yiic shell index.php

Hope this will help you