yiic not creating assests

Not sure if this is a bug or just a bad download.

Just downloaded 1.06r1102 and installed.  Accessed the home page and clicked on the contact tab and got an error about no permissions  …/assests/b176e83d/autocomplete/indicator.gif.  Checked the directory structure and the entire assests directory was missing.  Tried reinstalling, but finally grabbed assets from an earlier install (1.04) and renamed as above.  Works fine now.

XP Pro

Wampserver 2.0h

PHP 5.2.9-2

Apache 2.2.11

Ran yiic from cygwin rxvt shell.

My yii setup.  I like to keep everything out of docroot (webroot) that does not HAVE to be there.  yii3 is a virtual host with www as webroot.

Directory structure:



          -->yi_base (Unzipped to here)



Is the error about no permission to publish asset files? You need an "assets" directory under www that is writable by the Web server process.