Yiic Migration

Hi, I’m 2 weeks into yii and found it to be an excellent framework for rapid web development.

however as i go through yii features there’s one that i found it hard to use: yiic migrate.

I do my db designing with navicat, a GUI tool. the sql that it generates isn’t ready to be used by yiic migrate.

while the premise of yiic migrate sounds beneficial for developing an often-changing database/model it is practically useless for me since I trust navicat in generating all my tables and not writing my own migrate file.

am i missing something? I really want to utilize the yiic migrate feature but still using my db design tool.


I’m afraid you can only generate the initial migrationscript. As for as I know, the migrations altering your database have to be written in code. However, you could use a design tool and check the history of the executed queries to get some base to start with when you write the migrationscript.

If someone knows a better way to do this, I’m all ears…