Yiic Migration


I’m new here.

I’m going tru =remchi.ru Yii Quani #02: User Sign Up

yiic migrate create new_users_table (creates migrate file)

migrate file content


class m130104_000105_new_users_table extends CDbMigration


	public function safeUp()


		$this->createTable('users', array(

            'id' => 'pk',

            'username' => 'string NOT NULL',

			'crypted_password' => 'string NOT NULL',

			'salt' => 'string NOT NULL',

			'email' => 'string NOT NULL',

            'active' => 'boolean',

            'create_time' => 'integer NOT NULL',

            'rating' => 'integer'



	public function safeDown()





but when i try to run yiic migrate, i always get this error:

Yii Migration Tool v1.0 (based on Yii v1.1.13)

Creating migration history table "tbl_migration"...exception 'CDbException' with message 'CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is

767 bytes. The SQL statement executed was: CREATE TABLE `tbl_migration` (

        `version` varchar(255) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,

        `apply_time` int(11)

)' in J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\db\CDbCommand.php:357

Stack trace:

#0 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\db\CDbCommand.php(1321): CDbCommand->execute()

#1 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\cli\commands\MigrateCommand.php(471): CDbCommand->createTable('tbl_migration', Array)

#2 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\cli\commands\MigrateCommand.php(454): MigrateCommand->createMigrationHistoryTable()

#3 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\cli\commands\MigrateCommand.php(482): MigrateCommand->getMigrationHistory(-1)

#4 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\cli\commands\MigrateCommand.php(84): MigrateCommand->getNewMigrations()

#5 [internal function]: MigrateCommand->actionUp(Array)

#6 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\console\CConsoleCommand.php(172): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(MigrateCommand), Array)

#7 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\console\CConsoleCommandRunner.php(67): CConsoleCommand->run(Array)

#8 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\console\CConsoleApplication.php(91): CConsoleCommandRunner->run(Array)

#9 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\base\CApplication.php(169): CConsoleApplication->processRequest()

#10 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\framework\yiic.php(33): CApplication->run()

#11 J:\xampp\htdocs\w\webapp\protected\yiic.php(7): require_once('J:\xampp\htdocs...')

#12 {main}


yii 1.1.13, windows 7, xampp

tryed using documentation exsample

class m101129_185401_create_news_table extends CDbMigration


    public function safeUp()


        $this->createTable('tbl_news', array(

            'id' => 'pk',

            'title' => 'string NOT NULL',

            'content' => 'text',




    public function safeDown()





same error

Fixed, by creating db one more time…

Thank you so much.