Yiic message - how to handle Yii::t() errors in your source files

Sometimes ‘yiic message’ complains about improper Yii::t() syntax.

It is hard to detect these error messages among all file names printed and it does not show the exact place in the source file.

An example for such error:


Extracting messages from C:\server\htdocs\apps\public_html\protected\views\site\topic\_topic_single_posts_page.php...

Extracting messages from C:\server\htdocs\apps\public_html\protected\views\site\topic\_topic_top.php...

Extracting messages from C:\server\htdocs\apps\public_html\protected\views\site\topic\edit.php...

PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected ')' in C:\server\htdocs\apps\yii\framework\cli\commands\MessageCommand.php(145) : eval()'d code on line 1

So the way I’ve found to pinpoint such errors is:

  1. Run the command with redirection like … > C:\tmp\zz this will show only the errors on the console.

  2. Add an echo line in yii\framework\cli\commands\MessageCommand.php line 144 so it will show all messages


				echo "message=$message\r\n";  // add this line

  1. Run again. Look in the redirected file for error message like “Parse error:”. Find them in the source file just above the error and fix the bad Yii::t() line

  2. Repeat step 3 until all errors are gone

Hope it helps someone