Yiic generate webapp at root?

Hi all,

New to Yii, think it’s a great framework from what I can see. Can anyone tell me how to generate an app at the site root? I’m following the Yii Guide and instead of http://mydomain.com/testdrive, I want yiic to generate the app at http://mydomain.com.

In the user guide, it has yiic webapp WebRoot/testdrive, is there anything wrong if I did yiic webapp / while in the root directory of the website?

Thanks in advance,



yiic can generate the sceleton app wherever you like, testdrive is just a name of the folder. (are you on Linux or MS?)


I used:

yiic webapp ./

Sorry for the extended delay but had some client meetings that only wrapped up a short while ago.

Thanks for the input from you Imre and the solution Alex. I realized that testdrive was only a suggested or example, sorry for lack of my clarity Imre. By the way, you’re upstate from me huh? I’m in Miami.

Hope I can be of some help later down the road to other newbies.

I was also wondering how you do this, then realized it’s as simple as changing your DocumentRoot variable in apache2 conf. Point your DocumentRoot to the application subfolder instead of the Yii root, and your app will be served on the root domain.


  • yes, that’s my way too (since I have access to my apache config)