yiic - direct access to shell commands

I would like to add the yiic generator commands to my IDE’s (Eclipse/PDT) “external tools” section. That would enable me to call them at the click of a button, enter additional parameters into a dialog and have the output displayed in a console view inside the IDE.

Unfortunately, stuff like [font=“Courier New”]yiic shell model foobar[/font] or [font=“Courier New”]yiic model foobar[/font] doesn’t work, so I have to leave Eclipse, open a console, enter [font=“Courier New”]yicc shell[/font] and type commands there. Or am I missing something?

Also, the impossibility to call yiic shell commands directly prevents their usage in shell scripts/batch files.

Should someone in the team consider to implement direct access to the commands (I understand it’s not a very important issue, but it doesn’t look like to much work either, does it?), it would in my view also be necessary to add a “non-interactive” option to suppress the overwrite-confirmations.

Did you ever found a way to do it? I’m looking for a way to automatically restart a yiic shell command in case it stops running.

you can do:

echo 'consolecommand --arg=val' | /path/to/yiic shell /path/to/config.php >> /dev/null

which works, although does seem a bit of a hack. Would be curious to know the "right" way myself.