yiic created file Incorporate into Eclipse

I use yiic to generate scaffolding files. They work fine, but they don’t pop up in my IDE (Eclipse) I am Eclipse newb having got completely fed up with Zend. I know this is really an Eclipse question but I’m sure everyone who uses Eclipse and yii has solved this. I tried to use the tools in Eclipse and it won’t let me import because it is already where it supposed to be. I aso tried puting the filepath exlplicitly. So this way it shows in the window but it wont let me save. I could move the files somewhere else and import them I suppose but that’s kludgy. Isnt there some way to tell it to just automatically include any files that are placed under the directory whether Eclipse create them or not? Thank you!

Well, you may want to try the built-in project management feature of Eclipse, if you haven’t so far. I’m pretty sure Eclipse has one. Maybe that solves this auto-refreshing problem.

If nothing works, try to adjust some preferences. You can spend a whole weekend to figure out everything. :)

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I’m new to Eclipse also, and though this method isn’t quite “automatic” it might help if haven’t found it already. If you create items, folders, etc. in the file system under a project or linked folder, all you have to do is select the project or subfolder entry in Eclipse and press F5 to refresh the project, and there they are. I’m using Eclipse 3.51, with the PDT plug in.

I’d love to hear if you find a way to get Eclipse to auto-detect such changes, please post a reply here if you do.

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