yiic Conventions by CRUD


corresponding to the Conventions-Section of the Definitive Guide to Yii  http://www.yiiframew…sics.convention

i found this under "Code":


Yii recommends naming variables, functions and class types in camel case which capitalizes each word in the name and joins them without spaces

A special rule for controller class names is that they must be appended with the word Controller. The controller ID is then defined as the class name with first letter in lower case and the word Controller truncated. For example, the PageController class will have the ID page. This rule makes the application more secure. It also makes the URLs related with controllers a bit cleaner

My Table is named "ProjectStatistic". After creating the model

and calling "crud ProjectStatistic", the name of the controller is 'ProjectstatisticController'.

If i interpreting the Yii-Guide right, it should be 'ProjectStatisticController'.

Also the view-Folder is called 'projectstatistic' instead of 'projectStatistic'.

It took me some time till i figure out what is wrong, while i tried to adopt

the crud-file to an other table for learning purpose.

I don't know if this really matter, because normally we would use yiic to

create the files. On the other hand is camelCase easier to read on large


Greetings from Germany


Fixed. Thanks!