Yiic Command Not Found

I am a complete beginner.

I have installed XAMPP on my Linux system and it work. I then extracted the yii framework to the htdocs folder. I set up the PATH to include the location of the framework directory

When I try and create an application using the yiic script I get an error ‘Command not found’

The server is running and I have done all the rest of the stuff like the book tells me but it does not work.

Like I said I am new so if someone can help me I will really appreciate it allot


Two things to try for calling yiic:



php yiic.php

create symlink in /usr/bin (UBUNTU) as yiic and set the path of framework/yiic. Then you can excecute the yiic command in anywhere.

Command (if framework path in /data/lib/php/yii)

go to /usr/bin and

ln -s /data/lib/php/yii/framework/yiic yiic

I think it’s better to add it to the PATH variable in .bashrc:

# add Yii framework dir to PATH