Yiibooster Vs Ext4Yii And Other Issues

Hi to everyone

First of all congratulations to YiiBooster team. it is an excellent - wonderful library! (and Yii of course as framework!)

I have a few questions

  1. I wonder which is the best YiiBooster or Ext4Yii and in which case ?

  2. I found in https://github.com/clevertech/YiiBooster three WYSIWYG HTML Editors

  • RedactorJS

  • Html5Editor

  • CKEditor

But I cannot found snipets or examples of them, even i cannot found the code,

Is there in https://github.com/clevertech/YiiBooster ?

  1. I follow the advice from http://yii-booster.clevertech.biz/getting-started.html to include it, but when I tested it, the time of request from 240ms rocketed to 4sec *! 16 times slower :(

The test was on contact form without/with YiiBooster respectively. Both of cases without any cache, and for many times. Is it normal this behavior or may I do something wrong ? (I have tested and other actions too - they have the same results)

*The above time requests referred on basic request (index.php excluding loading javascript,css and images)

Many thanks ! :)

try close the "debug" option :

// in your index.php set the YII_DEBUG to false ;

defined('YII_DEBUG') or define('YII_DEBUG',false);


Or else – this worked for me – install the LESS extension, nodejs & lessc, then compile your CSS instead of letting the client process it. That way you can keep the debugging capability with a minimum loss of speed.

Hi my friend

Do you mean the css and javascript and css recreated for each request? not only the first time?

Hi my friend

Did you check by yourself both enabled and dispabled debug mode? In your case the results are similar ?

I did, without debug mode It’s much faster, If debug mode is disabled i dont see any differences (with or without booster). Also You can check if maybe asset manager force to copy assets every time You try to open any page.

Hi mirunho

did you config the YiiBooster exactly as described in

http://yii-booster.clevertech.biz/getting-started.html ?


In my logs with debug ‘Loading “bootstrap” application component’ takes about 1 sec and all site is loaded in about 1.2 sec, without debug all site is loaded in 0.2 sec.

You can check if You have in your congfig something like :




It takes a lot of time

I tried but without results, also tried yiilite, debug mode = false without significant difference.

whatever mirunho, thank you for yous response :)

I will test Yiibooster in new yii project…

If anyone had the same or similar problem please post,

Best regards

I tried in new project but the problem insist…

I checked the files that Yiibooster generates in assets folder

888 Files, 131 Folders, about 6.87 MB

I marked the created, last save, modified Dates for files (on windows 7 - I use wampserver)

I observe that the created date is the same time that the files created in the first request

But the last and modified date are the same with last request time!! So the problem is that the files created again and again for each request!

Also I tested with configutation ‘assetManager’=>array(‘forceCopy’=>true,), but the same problem insist.

Note: the other file in assets that published from other extensions and core Yii widgets not recreated for each request…

I used clevertech-YiiBooster-1.0.5-7-gbf8ace0.zip

So, which is the problem ?

ok, the problem as the yiqing95 said, was the

//defined('YII_DEBUG') or define('YII_DEBUG',true);

Because I have multi project nested in one, I modified the primary index.php but not the appropriate index.php of broject that used the Yiibooster therefore I didn’t see any differences :blink:

Obviusly the developer team set the Yiibooster to force copy all assets when Yii is on debug mode.

for example I found in bootstrap/components/Bootstrap.php lines 450-460

public function getAssetsUrl()


		if (isset($this->_assetsUrl))

			return $this->_assetsUrl;



$assetsPath = Yii::getPathOfAlias('bootstrap.assets');

$assetsUrl = Yii::app()->assetManager->publish($assetsPath, false, -1, YII_DEBUG);

			return $this->_assetsUrl = $assetsUrl;



that forces the files of bootstrap/assets folder copy to application/assets folder when

YII_DEBUG is set to true for each request!

$assetsUrl = Yii::app()->assetManager->publish($assetsPath, false, -1, YII_DEBUG);

So the problem is solved! :)

But the other questions remain answered :)

If anyone knows please inform us :)

  1. I wonder which is the best YiiBooster or Ext4Yii and in which case ?

  2. I found in https://github.com/c...tech/YiiBooster three WYSIWYG HTML Editors

  • RedactorJS

  • Html5Editor

  • CKEditor

But I cannot found snipets or examples of them, even i cannot found the code,

Is there in https://github.com/c...tech/YiiBooster ?

Your additional question number two:


Take a closer look. ;)

As for YiiBooster compared to Ext4Yii … - those are based on two completely different frameworks!

Thanks jacmoe!

I didn’t expect the WYSIWYG was in Forms Area,

but on second thought, obviously it is! :)

About YiiBooster and Ext4Yii, may there are widgets has the one that not exist in other, right? In addition the one is open source and the other it is not…

In any case The Yiibooster seems amazing!

ExtJs is an industrial strength Javascript based MVC framework with 100s of components, themes, lots of docs, etc:


And, yes: it’s commercial.

Bootstrap, on the other hand, is a small starter framework to bootstrap web development. It contains perhaps 8 trimmed down JS components.

So, you can’t really compare those. :)

But, with YiiBooster, you get quite a bit closer to ExtJs.

Still, it’s really two different beasts.

As it seems Yiibooster is closest to Yii (and wrote for Yii) framework and is opensource

At last I found the CKEditor WYSIWYG for Yii! :D

one the other as you said ExtJs has hundreds components etc but is commercial

I thing I will choose Yiibooster (and I vote it!) :)

Thanks a lot