Yiibooster Redactor

Hi everybody

I was looking into yiibooster redactor editor

First thing i noticed is that in the yiibooster site if you click on the redactor textarea an air toolbar popups, with a huge set of buttons and functionalities that i didn’t found in the original redactor version, in particular i’m in need of the “import from word” functionality…

I tried to check the yiibooster site code, but the redactor calls doesn’t come with any parameters, and the redactor.js is minified

Hence my question is, how can i use those features?

Thanks in advance


i think you should better ask Antonio Ramirez how they achieve it !

Hey! Even though I am not supporting YiiBooster anymore, I will tell you that what you see when you click on the TEXTAREA of the REDACTORJS widget, what is displaying is the CKEditor toolbar, not RedactorJS. They have an issue on their site.

What I am doing is building my own: https://github.com/2amigos/yiiwheels

I hope I’ll get its site up and running this week… I promise no many bugs… but related to YiiBooster… I am out :(

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Meanwhile i found out that redactor does already a decent enough job in pasting word documents (i pasted a simple resumee with two columns), so it seems i won’t need that function afterall :)

But… if i can ask another redactorjs question… i’ve implemented the imageUpload/imageListing (nice article btw) and i was interested in extending the functionality for the imagelisting (for example, put filename below images) i also noted there is a bug which generates a empty title attribute for the images listed, but i didn’t found anything in the api that provides more control upon those features… i guess i have to directly extend the redactor javascript?

In any case, i consider the issue solved

Thanks again both of you for the prompt replies