Yiibooster Redactor Image Drag'n Drop


I’ve got the standard image upload working perfectly. Saving the image file on the server and retrieving the list of images works great. User can click the image upload button, select an image from their local computer and upload to the server just fine.

But I’m having an issue with redactor when the user is dragging an image from another browser window into the redactor editor. What is happening is that the editor is saving the URL where the image came from but redactor is not being called to download the image and save it to the server. Here is what my code looks like:

echo $form->redactorRow($manual,'text',array('class' => 'span4', 'rows' => 15, 'id'=>'text_field',

	'options'=> array('minHeight'=>425, 'plugins' => array('fullscreen', 'fontfamily','fontcolor','fontsize'),

	  	  'buttons' => array('html', '|', 'formatting', '|', 'bold', 'italic', 'deleted', '|', 

							  'unorderedlist', 'orderedlist', 'outdent', 'indent', '|',

						  	  'image', 'table', 'link', '|',

						  	  'alignment', '|', 'horizontalrule',

						  	  '|', 'underline', '|', 'alignleft', 'aligncenter', 'alignright', 'justify'),




		'clipboardUploadUrl'=>$this->createUrl('program/uploadcurriculumart'),  //Shouldn't this be called something is dragged from another browser window?



		'lang' => 'en')						


If anyone has done this before and has solved it I’d appreciate your insight!