Yiibooster Redactor File Upload

Hi all.

I’m looking for some advices to get YiiBooster Redactor imageUpload widget to work properly.

I have a widget for Redactor Image Upload in my Producto _form, from Producto model:






          'imageUpload' => $this->createUrl('site/uploadpicture'),

          'imageGetJson'=> $this->createUrl('site/getimagedata', array('folder'=>'producto')),






I have two functions in my siteController for getting image data and for uploading the image, but I’m stuck here.

I can get the actionGetImageData in my siteController, that gets a JSON ‘fake’ data, just for testing purposes, and another function in same controller for uploading the image file, to copy the image from tmp to /images/productos.

I can see in firebug the JSON array, but don’t know how to pass the right variables to GetImageData nor UploadPicture.

Anyway, I can get the ‘fake’ image uploaded to the widget via ‘filelink’ => ‘/images/producto/3dsac.jpg’ in actiongetImageData, then in uploadPicture, so I can ‘see’ the ‘uploaded’ image in my _form widget, but filelink is ‘handcoded’.

		public function actionGetImageData()


			echo json_encode(array(


		'folder' => $_GET['folder'], // optional

			'image' => CUploadedFile::getInstance($picture,'name'),

			'filelink' => '/images/producto/3dsac.jpg',

			'thumb' => '/images/producto/3dsacthumb.jpg',

			'title' => 'Title1', // optional	    	



		public function actionUploadPicture()


// I think copy from tmp to '/images/producto' should be done here

// then pass data to the JSON array

// actually I can get 'right' data from this JSON

   		echo json_encode(array( [/size]







             		'filelink' => '/images/producto/3dsac.jpg',




It’s supposed to upload the image in UploadPicture, then return the data to productoController.

It would be nice if somebody can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.