Yiibooster - Middle Click Not Working In Firefox Only


I have a problem with YiiBooster (v. 1.0.6).

I noticed the middle mouse button is not working but only in Firefox browser. I inspected the result code to detect maybe a transparent div floating above all the elements but I’ve found nothing. It’s also not a problem of my own site. I downloaded for example bugitor (issue tracker based on yiibooster). Same problem. I even created new application and added a booster to extensions. Then from boilerplate I copied the theme. After that - middle click doesn’t work. Has anyone noticed same problem and know how the solution?



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@Keith - it is not linked to my question. That would be really oakward to add onmousedown action to every single link in my website. The problem is not when I try to use


action. The problem is general for every regular link I mean:

<a href...


I’ve found the answer here