Yiibooster Highchart Widget, How To Use With Date Field

I am using yiibooster extension. This extension have Grid/Chart component and tbhighchart widget. Both of them is wrapper of highchart as I understand.

I have three columns in my db query.




[*]Patient count


What I want to do is y axis would be Patient count column, x axis would be Date column and Hospital as categories will be displayed as column in chart.

I tried many methods, but don’t understand completely.

Any help be appreciated.


ok guys, I think I find solution.

The trick was to properly prepare date field. In highchart documentation they used javascript Date.UTC(year, month, day) function. I converted to UTC in database side using unix_timestamp(date) function by multiplying to 1000. That was all. ::)

Hope it will be usefull to someone.

Good luck to everyone.