Yiibooster Display Modal From Ajaxlink Or Ajaxbutton

I need to update a modal window and display it when I click in the "EDITAR" button.


public function actionUpdateAjax($id)


        $contratos = ZfContratos::model()->findByPk($id);

        $this->renderPartial('//ZfContratos/_form_update', array('model'=>$contratos), false, true);



<?php $this->beginWidget(


    array('id' => 'actualizar_contrato')

); ?>

    <div class="modal-header">

        <a class="close" data-dismiss="modal">&times;</a>

        <h4>Actualizar contrato</h4>


    <div class="modal-body">

        <?php $this->renderPartial('//ZfContratos/_form_update', array('model'=>$contrato));?>


    <div class="modal-footer">

        <?php $this->widget(



                'label' => 'CANCELAR',

                'url' => '#',

                'htmlOptions' => array('data-dismiss' => 'modal'),


        ); ?>


<?php $this->endWidget(); ?>

AND VIEW _contratos

At this moment I have this:

<?php echo CHtml::link('EDITAR', array('//ZfInmuebles/UpdateAjax', 'id'=>$data->zf_contrato_id), array('class'=>'btn', 'id'=>'vermas')); ?>

But I need that to be an ajaxbutton or ajaxlink, that refresh the div "actualizar_contrato" and display it.

I have try this:

 <?php echo CHtml::ajaxLink('EDITAR',array('//ZfInmuebles/UpdateAjax', 'id'=>$data-> zf_contrato_id), array(



              $("#actualizar_contrato >.modal-body").html(html);