Yiibooster Datepickerrow Widget Options (Viewmode Minviewmode)

Hi, my question concerns the datepickerRow widget. Per this page:

www.eyecon.ro (slash) bootstrap-datepicker (sorry this forum won’t let me post links)

(that’s the datepicker implementation that YiiBooster uses) there are 2 options: format weekStart viewMode minViewMode. Well, the last 2 don’t seem to be working. <br>I need 2 option configs for my project: 1) a year picker - meaning the calendar view is years or decades, and 2) a month/year picker - meaning the calendar view is months.

Here’s my code:

echo $form->datepickerRow($model, 'year', array('size'=>60,'maxlength'=>95, 'class'=>'span2', 'id'=>'datepicker', 'prepend'=>'<i class="icon-calendar"></i>', 'options'=>array('format' => 'yyyy', 'weekStart' => 5, 'viewMode' => 2, 'minViewMode' => 2))); 

Are viewMode and minViewMode options currently implemented?

Thank you.