Yiibooster - Ckeditorrow

Good Morning Guys!

I have a problem to solve. I trying all possibilities thought on the net but nothing work.

Use a YiiBooster, and the problem is to use the ckEditorRow. When I trying custon this widget to showing some options, according the manual of CkEditor, I can change the property ‘toolbar’, but I try configure in several ways but doesn’t work!

my last test is:

<?php echo $form->ckEditorRow($model, 'ds_nick_usr', array('options'=>array('language'=>'pt','disableNativeSpellChecker'=>false,'scayt_autoStartup'=>true, 'toolbar'=>'[

    [ "Source", "-", "Bold", "Italic" ]];', 'fullpage'=>'js:true', 'width'=>'640', 'resize_maxWidth'=>'640','resize_minWidth'=>'320')));?>

In this test, on my ckEditorRow should appear only options, Source, Bold and Italic. But in the case, nothing showing!

Other test show a full editor.

Any Ideas to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance!

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I use it like this:

<?php echo $form->ckEditorRow($model, 'description', array('options'=>array('fullpage'=>'js:true', 'width'=>'640', 'resize_maxWidth'=>'640','resize_minWidth'=>'320', 'toolbar'=>'js:[












So after looking on Your code i think that You should add js: before java script array.


Hi friends,

Have you any experience with changing default language in CKE?

THX :)