Yiibooster And Layouts

Hello everyone , i need some help and tips to solve some problems with yii booster and the layouts…

1.Well my first problem is with the navbar, when i resize the browser the items start to move and they look like this:5807


2.The side menu looks ugly!!!5807

or worst…

Btw, i dont speak english, iam sorry for my grammar, i tried in the proper forum but no one reply me, so i hope someone could help me with these problems :unsure:

You should use the bootstrap grid for the column layout and yiibooster widgets for the sidebar menu

For example in column2.php

<?php $this->beginContent('//layouts/main'); ?>

<div class="col-md-3">

	<div id="sidebar">


		$this->widget('booster.widgets.TbMenu', array(





	</div><!-- sidebar -->


<div class="col-md-9">

	<div id="content">

		<?php echo $content; ?>

	</div><!-- content -->


<?php $this->endContent(); ?>

Much better for what iam looking for thanks for your help :D