yiiBoost - a fast CMS

I glad to annonce yiiBoost project.

It’s a fork from phpBoost to improve the kernel part of this CMS because the actual way of this CMS is to reinvent the wheel in terms of POO and MVC.

I would demonstrate that Yii is an powerful framework to do this job.

Watch informations on SourceForge.

Some link would be nice …

From your post is not clear if this is already done or you just decided to start doing this project ???


I found this but there are no files :confused:



yeah, it is still in very early development … from what I read in the PhpBoost forum, a demo (or let’s say ‘prototype’) of yiiBoost can be found here : http://gandon.vlb.free.fr/yii/yiiboost/index.php

it seems promising…


hello again,

not bad! are you guys planning this to be multilingual?


I’m not part of this project (I just found this link) …let’s wait for alain091 to tell us more ;)


I moved the YiiBoost repository to googlecode. search tag : yiiboost.

YiiBoost would not be multilingual for contents, as it’s a fork from an already existing CMS : phpBoost and I intend to maintain database and template compatibility.