Yiiboilerplate - Yiic Functionality And Issue


I have setup YiiBoilerplate but I’m have some issues with yiic on the command line.

Currently the way I’m using it is by specifying the application’s main.php config file. Not sure if this is the correct way. For example to run the shell command:

./yiic shell backend/config/main.php

However I get an error:

I do have an assets folder under backend/www so I don’t know why I am getting this error.

Has anyone come across this? Am I not using yiic the right away? It asks for an entry script or config file.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello again,

For further information I thought I’d mention that I don’t get errors when running the same yiic shell command for the frontend.

./yiic shell frontend/config/main.php

Also, I just tried to specify the entry script (index.php) file instead and seems to work for both frontend and backend.

./yiic shell backend/www/index.php

./yiic shell frontend/www/index.php

In the end only

./yiic shell backend/config/main.php

is giving errors.

As an alternative however I can use

./yiic shell backend/www/index.php

Could this be a bug? Should I report it in YiiBoilerplate’s github project?


Any luck Elliedev?

You are totally not really doing it the way it’s intended.

How about just running the postdeploy script?

There’s a guide for it. :)

Hi Jacmoe

Yes thanks, postdeploy created the necessary asset folders.

Do you run the postdeploy each time after upgrading Yii as well?

Or let me rather ask:

How do you upgrade Yii and boilerplate? There are lot’s of asset folders now. I suppose you do not clear them all during an upgrade?