Yiiboilerplate Installed An Extremely Slow

I just installed YiiBoilerplate on my shared Dreamhost webhost running PHP 5.3.13 and it seems really slow. These are the steps I followed:

  1. Downloaded and unzipped Boilerplate

  2. Edited common/config/environments/params-prod.php and console/config/main.php to provide database support

  3. ./runpostdeploy prod migrate

When I go to the url backend/www/ in my browser it takes over 30s for the "Welcome to Clevertech Backend Boilerplate" page to load. Any ideas why it is taking so long, or how I can go about debugging this?



Edit index.php, turn off debugging. All assets are copied with each request in debug mode.


Can someone help me out, am a little confuse.

  • Unzip YiiBoilerplate

From Within Backend / Frontend

  • Make configurations Which one ??? (*-private.php and the **-local.php files)



Lets say I am under local, wich file should I edit and what config should be.

  • Run runpostdeploy environmentType migrations

  • After setting up and finish the project, what files should I upload to the production server.

and which should be remove (security concern)