YiiBase::include(xyz.php)...failed to open stream

Hi All,

I put my project on server and everything is running except in one of the tables if I open admin.php I get the error:

YiiBase::include(kategory.php) [<a href='function.YiiBase-include'>function.YiiBase-include</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory 

How can this happen when the file "Kategory.php" is there, plus I copied the folder from my localhost where everything is working fine?

If it is of any help, the server is using PHP Version 5.1.6

Any idea?

It looks like case sensitive problem. Make sure every call to this file is the written in the same way ‘kategory’ or ‘Kategory’ based on the name of the file itself.

Thank you Bizley, you were right…I changed it in the relation (it was not capital letter there…)

I just wonder why did it work in localhost…It should have given the same error!

Anyway it is working now, so thanks.

One of the common causes is having the local version on Windows (case insensitive) and production on Linux (case sensitive).