YiiBase finding files not in it's path


I have an interesting problem with my yii install.  I recently changed the yii framework files from 'Yii/framework' to 'Yii' folder and now it's attempting to include other php files that's not under the 'Yii' folder.


PHP Error


YiiBase::include(BreadCrumb.php) [<a href='yiibase.include'>yiibase.include</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Source File


I'm not attempting to load BreadCrumb.php - this file is located under another folder under the parent /var/www.

Is this a bug in Yii or am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance!

yesterday I changed the framework path back to 'Yii/framework' and still same problem.  I restarted apache and problem persisted.

I reverted back to the 'Yii' path and still same problem.

This morning it seems to be working fine?!?!  Any ideas what would cause this?

some more additional info:

system: solaris 10 sparc; apache 2.2.9 & php 5.2.6

Yii doesn't have a file called BreadCrumb. You must be using it somewhere in your application code. Do a global search and you will find it.


Thanks for the response!  I forgot to mention, this is from running the blog demo that comes with Yii-1.0.6

could APC and it's caching cause any problems?

I tested this theory.  It seems when I run another app that resides under /var/www (that uses BreadCrumb.php) and then go back to the blog demo, I am able to reproduce the error.  It's possible that BreadCrumb.php is causing this … but would like your feedback.

BreadCrumb.php code:

<?php  if (!defined('APPPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');



 * @Author: Dean Ericson

 * @Email: mail@deanericson.com



final class BreadCrumb{

	private $title;

	private $url;

	private $isRoot;


	 * No need to set anything up.  I autoload it and

	 * let the setters mutate the properties through the

	 * setBreadCrumb function


	function BreadCrumb(){}


	 * Takes an array which represents this class (BreadCrumb)

	 * as a parameter. Sets the class through it mutators,

	 * then sets itself within the BreadCrumbList Object.


	function setBreadCrumb($bcObjArr){




		$CI =& get_Instance();


		$_SESSION['breadCrumbList'] = $CI->breadcrumblist->getBreadCrumbs();


	function getTitle(){

		return $this->title;


	function setTitle($t){



	function getUrl(){

		return $this->url;


	function setUrl($u){



	function isRoot(){

		return $this->isRoot;


	function setIsRoot($r){





You are serializing breadcrumb object into session. When session starts, it will try to unserialize data in it, and this is the cause of the problem, since your two applications under the same web folder may share the same session unless you do something about it.


Thanks.  I didn't think that session statement could've caused it … but it did.

I removed it and tested and all is well now.  Thanks again!