Hi YiiBackboneBoilerplate creators

I installed it,

The backend runs like a classic Yii project and that’s fine

but I’m having a bit of trouble understanding how the frontend works

with all these new layers ,

is there any documentation about this ?

I’m seeing things I like but can’t semm to get things working properly

for ex on the frontend/www/ I see the login page for a second

it disapears , repalced by the /#error/404

will POST site/isLoggued in Firebug returning a 404

404 Not Found</title>


<h1>Not Found</h1>

<p>The requested URL /mypath/YiiBackboneBoilerplate/frontend/www/index.php was not found on this server.

could it be apache ‘alias’ related ?

I’m also wondering are there any sample/demo applications based on this framework , like the blog demo , using all the great Backbone Marionnetet features ?

any light on this would help me get the ball rolling



strangely there is an issue on my setup with the htaccess

it works for normal urls for the classic Yii Url calls like /site

but doesn’t work for the Js called url like /site/isLogged

it works by simply adding index.php/site/isLogged

if anyone has an idea to solve this from the htaccess ?

Hi @Tibor Katelbach

I’m new to backbone, can you provide more info about what had you accomplish till now,

cuz there’s no much info on it.