Yiibackboneboilerplate Request Type Problem

I’m using YiiBackboneBoilerplate. I want to populate a model with data like this:






    ], function($, _, Backbone) {

        var EvaluateModel = Backbone.Model.extend({

            urlRoot: 'evaluate/process',

            defaults: {

                title: '',

                state: 1



        return EvaluateModel;


–in my view–

    initialize:function() {

        var result = new Evaluate({id:this.id});


            success: function(result, response) {





– Yii action –

public function actionProcess() {

    //I have tryed this

    echo json_encode('test');


    //and this

    $this->sendResponse(200, CJSON::encode(array('title' => 'test')));


and i’m getting textStatus: parsererror and the result returned from the server contains html of the current page

Besides, the fetch() should send a POST request type according to initial setting in the app.js, but the type is GET


// initialize Http object to make backbone work with POST instead of GET


What could be wrong?